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A Friendly Companion

With a rich history, Tibetan Terriers are one of the most beautiful and fascinating animals in the world. Originating in Tibet, these popular dogs have become a novelty to animal lovers. Famous for its “shaggy look”, Tibetan Terriers are regarded as “good luck” charms and are traditionally known for protecting those around them. Although, small in size, they are very powerful watch dogs. Tibetan Terriers are described as small to medium-sized breeds, which makes them suitable for any environment and activity. The Tibetan Terriers are also considered the “Holy Dogs of Tibet” and were given to monks as gifts in honor of good fortune. Tibetan Terriers are great pets and make friendly companions.

Celebrity Sightings

The cultural significance and historical background of the Tibetan Terrier is undeniable. The interest and excitement surrounding them continues to grow. Tibetan Terriers have been highly sought after by celebrities, as well. From show dogs to personal sidekicks, Tibetan Terriers are making a splash around the world. Earlier this year, actress Tricia Hakenewerth was featured in an article with her Tibetan Terrier, affectionately named Bailey. Tricia Hakenewerth refers to Bailey as a “secret weapon” and warmly demonstrates how happy she is with her lovable, furry friend. Actress Rachel Bilson has been seen around town with her Tibetan Terrier, Thurman Murman, and even travels with him. With a cool name like that, Rachel Bilson’s dog is a celebrity in his own right. While celebrities aren’t the only ones doting on these dogs, they are generating a huge buzz in many pet and social circles. With movie-star charm and a winning personality, Tibetan Terriers are fun, loyal and a pleasure to have by your side.

The Perfect Choice

When deciding on the type of dog to make a part of your life, Tibetan Terriers should be at the top of your wishlist. The Tibetan Terrier have a soothing temperament and accommodating personality, which can add more spontaneity to your life. Each dog is unique, smart and learns very quickly.

These wonderful attributes make Tibetan Terriers the perfect choice for you and your family. Tibetan Terriers like to be around children and are very playful. Take the time to get to know your dog and allow them the opportunity to share a bonding experience with you. Like with anything, all relationships display what you put into them. It is no different with animals. If you provide care in a nurturing environment, Tibetan Terriers will show the same in return. The Tibetan Terrier can play indoors and outdoors. They should remain very active and maintain optimum health. Life is so much richer when you are surrounded by people and things that matter to you. It can be something small as sitting back watching television with your Tibetan Terrier warmly beside you, that can have the greatest impact. As an added member of your family unit, you will get to enjoy spending time with your dog and grow together. Don’t miss your chance to make a perfect and lasting friendship for life.

Tips for Training A Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is a medium sized dog. This breed is a wonderful addition to almost any household. They get along well with children and other pets, as long as they have been well socialized. However, care should be taken in homes with very young children, as these active dogs can be a bit rambunctious. As with any dog training is important. One interesting thing about the Tibetan terrier, is the fact that it’s not a terrier at all. Therefore, it doesn’t have the terrier’s tendency to dig, or the well known terrier stubbornness. Read on for important information on how to train a Tibetan terrier.

Start immediately

It is common to think that a cute, fluffy puppy doesn’t need training. After all, they’re so adorable, how can you say no? If this sounds like you, change your thinking. Even an eight or ten week old puppy needs training.

Potty training

Begin potty training right away. The easiest way to do this is through crate training. As soon as the pup is taken out of the crate, it should be taken outside to the area where you want it to potty. You can then play with the pup for a bit, and put it back in the crate. Take the dog out every hour at first, then extend it to 1.5 hours, 2 hours and so on. When the dog does potty where you want it to, shower it with praise and treats. This dog loves to please its people, it will catch on quickly to what you want. Use a small crate, large enough for sleeping, but not much else.

Leash training

You’ll want to walk your dog, and your dog will love being taken on walks, but not until the leash is introduced. The leash is scary for dogs who have never used one before. Begin by attaching the leash to the dog’s collar in the house. Let the dog drag it around for awhile. Do this for a couple of days. Next take the dog into the back yard on the leash. Hold the end of the leash and use treats to get the dog to follow. Extend your walk by a little bit each day. Soon the dog will love seeing the leash because it will mean a wonderful walk with you.

Sit, Stay, Down, and other commands

Treats or favorite toys are your best training tools. Use them for everything. If you want to teach your dog to sit, hold a treat in your hand, move it above the dog’s head. As the dog lifts its head to follow the treat, he or she will sit. Praise, pet, love, and give the treat to the dog. Use this same treat, and praise technique with anything that you want to teach the dog. Keep training sessions short. Fifteen minutes at the most is a good amount of time.

Take a walk

Take the dog for a walk before each training session. Walking burns off the dog’s built up energy. This makes it easier for the dog to concentrate. Training is much easier after a walk.

Be consistent, and always remain in control of your emotions

Everyone in the household must be consistent. If you don’t want the dog on the sofa, but someone else in the household allows it, the dog will become confused. This same holds true for any household rules. A family meeting to get everyone on the same page is always a good idea. If you’re stressed or angry, don’t train or interact with the dog. As the pack leader, you must always be in control and calm.


The above training tips will help you with your dog’s training. Remember that animals should never be hit or treated roughly. You can get the behavior that you want with love, kindness, and consistency.

Top 12 Ways to Make Your Tibetan Terrier Happy

The Tibetan Terrier is a sweet, lovable dog who loves to spend time with its humans. He is a lively dog, who is lots of fun to have around. This breed can be rambunctious, it’s intelligent, learns quickly, and is a lot of fun to have around. While this breed’s name might imply that it’s in the terrier family, it actually isn’t a Terrier at all. Your Tibetan Terrier will enjoy making you happy, and there are some ways that you can make him or her happy as well. Read on for the top 12 ways to make your Tibetan Terrier happy.

1. Walks

All dogs love taking walks, and the Tibetan Terrier is no exception. In the wild, dogs walk for miles each day. They crave this, they have a built in desire to walk. Take your dog on one or more walks each day, and you will be her hero. The dog should get at least one 30 minute walk per day. More is even better.

2. Tug-of-war

Most dogs love a good game of tug-of-war. There are many rope toys on the market that are perfect for this game. However, if you don’t have one, that’s fine, play with an old sock, or cut the legs off a pair of old jeans. Your dog won’t care if you buy a toy from the pet store, or make due with what you have around the house.

3. Fill a toy with treats

Choose a dog toy with an opening that can be filled with treats. These toys do double duty. First they engage the dog’s mind as the dog figures out how to get the tasty treats out, then once it’s figured out, the dogs gets to eat the snacks.

4. Petting

Dogs love attention. Take the time to pet your dog, scratch it’s neck, rub its belly. All of these things show the dog that you love and care for it. Try to spend at least ten or fifteen minutes a day showering your dog with affection.

5. Fetch

Fetch is another game that many dogs enjoy. Some dogs will bring the ball back, some won’t, but it’s still something fun that you can do together.

6. Take a Drive

One look at a dog’s face when it’s time for a drive will let you know how enjoyable this is for many dogs. They love being with you, and they get to experience so many interesting new smells as you drive along. It’s heaven for them.

7. Brush

Being brushed feels great for dogs. For this breed it’s also a must. The Tibetan Terrier needs a lot of grooming. Without it the dog can become matted and this is quite uncomfortable.

8. Visit a dog park

If you feel secure about letting your dog interact with other dogs while off leash, this would be wonderful. Many dogs enjoy these chances to play with other dogs and to run free.

9. Fill up a kiddie pool

Fill up a kiddie pool on a hot summer’s day so your dog can cool off. Not every dog will love the water, but many do so it’s worth giving it a try.

10. Make him or her a true member of the family

Never leave your dog tied up in the yard all day. It’s not safe, and it makes the dog unhappy. Dogs belong inside the house with their humans.

11. Work on agility training

The Tibetan Terrier excels at agility training. This is something that you can both enjoy doing. It’s a lot of fun and a wonderful bonding experience.

12. Be consistent and loving

By being consistent you avoid confusing the dog. By being loving, you help ensure that the dog doesn’t fear you. Your dog should respect you, but never be fearful of you.

Follow these 12 tips to help ensure that you’re Tibetan Terrier has a happy life. You’ll be rewarded with a deep love and companionship.

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